CMM Power Loss

First, I’m a Newbie. Have gone through Canopy User’s Manual searching.

Have a CMM on a remote tower. If it loses power, and then power is restored won’t it reboot on it’s own and come back up. I thought all it’s settings were in flash memory, so it would restore itself when power was restored. This has happened twice. We’re on a shared tower, and another company has access to the site, and believe they have shut power down during installs.

PS, using this in a PTP closed network, no ISP’s involved just passing data in a former Soviet Republic, which will remain nameless, and I’m currently not there.



Make sure the override switch is not toggled.

If that infamous little switch is in the correct position then your statements are absolutely correct about coming back up… If that switch is in default position and you reboot - then you get a CMM that lives on the network segment until the switch is toggled back and a reboot happens.