CMM Problems

I have noticed that the CMM Micro has couple of problems.

1. You can’t put two BH and 6 AP in one CMM, and set on the CMM two different VLANs, and make the CMM in to two switches. There is a packet loss, up to 10%. This was already described on this forum. … php?t=3201

2. We run our PPPoE connections on VLAN 100. On the CMMs on which we have several hundreds of customers the switch in the CMM at some point begins to act as a hub. We sniff the traffic in the CMM and we get PPPoE traffic which shouldn’t be there, sometimes up to 2 mbps. When I put the CMM in another swich, and sniff the traffic in the new switch I get only the legitimate arp requests.

We have noticed some packet loss to the cmm and the APs at some points of high traffic(11Mbps)
cmm micro, 4 AP(advantage) and 1 BH

I am thinking the switch on the cmm is not so robust.

erkan, the CMM was designed to run as two switches like you are trying to run it, we had the same problem. The VLAN feature in the CMM’s was put into combat a different problem, namely to stop SM to SM communication across AP’s hence one of theports on the CMM acts like an uplink port.

The SM to SM communication is handled much better is v8 software. Its a shame as we wanted to do what you are trying to do.

moinavery, the switch should be more then capable of handling the traffic that the AP, BH can handle, so at times when you are seeing high traffic, have a look at the max throughput on your AP’s /BH’s in terms of both bandwidth and more importantly pps (packets per second). What type of traffic are you running (voice ?).

The cmm works fine without any issues, I have about 30 of them deployed

one of our clients had fisical cable problems, that was knoking down our cmm…
We turned off each ap(oneat a time) to discover wich one was the problem.
then we looked which radio had ethernet interface errors and we found it!
We disabled the ethernet interface of the radio until cliente solved his problem.