CMM questions

Is it possible to use a single CMM to feed 2 different freq APs?

Just curious. Thinking about setting up in a new location - no service of any kind present right now. Could service many close homes with 2.4 or 5.x. Would like to also setup 900 for further out folks.


OK, I found the short answer here: (yes it will work)


Now, can I use the same GPS antenna and such for each freq? (one GPS antenna for all freqs?)

Thanks again.

Yes. The Canopy platform uses the same GPS sync across all of the bands. You can use one CMM to feed up to 8 Canopy units I believe (can’t recall how many ports they have off the top of my head). This includes both Canopy APs and Canopy BHs.

So, you could, for instance, power up 4 900MHz APs, 1 5.7GHz AP, 1 2.4GHz AP, 1 5.4GHz BH, 1 5.2GHz BH all off the same CMM (or any combination of bands).

Awesome! Thanks for the info. Now, on we go…

is there any sync integration with the PtP series? would there be any benefit to that?

I believe they introduced sync on the newer OFDM units, however it was not compatible with the rest of the Canopy lineup. I have to assume the intention is to eventually make them all use the same sync source.

Benefit? Colocation. OFDM units handle interference and colocation issues very well, but if you can have everything sync’d they’ll perform even better from the standpoint of self-interference.