CMM router ip address

is there a way to find the ip address of a router or switch in a cmm? thanks in advance guys

If you mean logging into the CMM and identifying the IP address of a router or switch on the local network segment, then no.  (at least not CMM3/Micro or CMM4)


so is there a specific application or software  i should use? i want to ask more about 802.1q vlan tagging of cmm? what will happen if i enable it? will there be a conflict on between ap"s? what is the purpose of that function? thanks for answering sir

To find that information out you will need to check something that inspects ARP, such as your router that terminates traffic. Otherwise you will need to use a packet capture. Determining an IP address from such a means requires that you know the device's MAC address.

Enabling 802.1q tagging on a CMM just lets you specify a VLAN ID for the management interface of the CMM itself. It has no impact on traffic.

If your'e dealing with one of the EtherWAN switches on a CMM4, I have found the terminal interface to be much better than the http GUI.  It should be accessible by IP, but also by serial port if you have local access or don't know the switch's IP.

CMM is not a router and does not connect to a router so definitely NO.