CMM Troubles


We’ve recently started to implement a new Canopy system. However one of our 5.7 CMM’s is having some issues. We have six AP’s attached to it and it runs through our 900 CMM into the building. Initially all AP’s were up and running, however now when you look at the status page of the 5.7 CMM the links are going up and down on the unit on all connections except for one.

I’m fairly new to all of this Canopy stuff and have been thrown into it to try and get it to work. I was just wondering what some of your opinions would be as to why this situation could be occuring. The Ethernet cables running from the CMM’s to the AP’s are shielded gel filled “in-ground” cable except I believe not all of the ends are shielded. Could not having the ends shielded allow for enough interference to cause the links to go up and down?

Thanks in advance!

need more information…

do you have a GPS attached to it…

are the AP set to generate their own syn or taking it from the power/timing port.

A CMM is a CMM what do you mean 5700CMM or 900 CMM ?

exactly where are you seeing the links go up and down ?

sounds like just some bad config… need more info and we can tell you what to do…

The Cyclone folks now have a device to provide power and sync with a network passthrough so you can use an INTELLIGENT switch instead of the one that is standard in the Canopy CMM. It will add to the total tower cost, but you will have a much more robust site. I do not believe that M has any plans to upgrade the switch within their CMM although many techs at M will eventually admit that it is not a BACKBONE/carrier class device.