CMM Upgrade

I have 2 CMM in my system. One of them took the upgrade from Ver. 2 to 3.3 no problem using CNUT. The other one times out. I have tried to FTP to the failing unit and get FTP connection refused. I am, however, able to FTP to the AP’s attached to this unit. The unit that did upgrade also accepts a FTP session. Is there a setting in the failing unit that needs to be changed to allow upgrading?


We would recommend checking your VLAN or “Switch Tab” settings. If you configured any of your ports on the CMM not to talk to another port from where you are coming that could cause an issue. Next, make sure there are no firewall rules on your router that could be blocking the FTP port. I believe version 2 of the software for the CMM also needed TFTP. Check to see if the port for TFTP is being blocked.

Also check your CMM if you used “IP access filtering” where you might not be one of the IP addresses allowed to connect to the CMM.

Hope that helps.

Got it. I went to CNUT and only put in the CMM into the root. In configuring for discovery I unchecked ‘Use Default/inherit Settings from Parent Element’. Then selected Upgrade Selected Element and CNUT was able to upgrade CMM.

Hey Micheal,

I realize this is an older post but there are a number of software updates where the administrative credentials stored in the equipment get nuked during the upgrade. I think this is mentioned in a few release notes. At any rate, I tend to try the default password if I encounter this during an upgrade, and so far that’s usually the problem.