cmm2 to cmm micro

Hey I was wondering can you plug a cmm micro into a cmm2’s uplink port? can two cmm’s be connected?

By the way reason i’m asking is have an extra cmm but not an extra BH. Can I connect the two CMM’s and allow them both through the same BH?


The CMM is just a managed switch with POE and GPS - you will need to hook up the GPS on the second CMM

cool thanks

Just to clarify something I plug the CMM into the other CMM’s power eth port and not the uplink? About the GPS, are you saying I need a second GPS antenna or I use the same one. With the CMM2 I have it uses eth for GPS and power. So for example if I plug a cable into the GPS eth port on the CMM2 where on the CMM micro do I plug that just one of the un powered eth ports?

Sorry I am new to this.

Use the uplink port

Check with Moto Tech Support on how to pass the sync from one CMM to the other (if it can be done). If it can’t, then the 2nd CMM will need a GPS antenna.

yep, use the uplink port…as far as i know, you cannot pass sync from one CMM to another, you will have to use GPS devices for each CMM.

Make sure the port you use on the CMM micro is not powered, or you will fry the other one.

I would probably look at saving the CMM-micro and just put in a switch. In regards to the GPS, just tie 2 Canopy radios to one GPS port on the CMM2 if you are out of gps ports on the CMM2. It would be better to be timed all off the same device than hoping the CMM2 and the CMM-micro run the same sync.

What do you have on location? Are they all in the same freq. band? You may not need timing if you have one radio in a band all by itself. (ie. 900, 2.4, 5.2, 5.7)

Thanks for the responses sorry I was a way for a while so didn’t have a chance to check the thread. To answer the last question this new cmm is going to be on one of two towers on top of a stadium. This cmm will have 6 900 AP’s. The other tower already has 6 2.4 AP’s. So looks like I will need a GPS antenna for the new CMM then just to be safe.

Also 3 miles away there are two other towers another 2.4 AP cluster and another 900 AP cluster. This is the next thing I have to tackle. Need to make sure that this new cluster of 900 for example freq 906 on the new tower should be pointed the same direction as freq 906 on the old tower. Thats what I think going by some of motorola’s graphs of the 60 degree setups for each AP at each tower.