CMM3 issue with 450 AP Ethernet Stats

I have a CMM3 with 4 - 450 AP's,  Below is a picture of the ethernet stats.  The AP's do not have any ethernet errors  Is this a bad Port on the CMM3?

Although it might be a bad port. It might also be a cabling issue. (i.e. the Rx pair going into the CMM from an AP is damaged)

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cable was tested at installation and cables have been reseated. This is why I suspect the port.

We have a fleet of CMM3 (Micro) and see these "outerrors Count + CarSenseLost" counters rise on all of them.  I wouldn't be alarmed seeing this.  I would be more concerned with maxing out the 100M interface uplinking your traffic using four 450APs.

Regarding that Ethernet tab in the statistics page.  The CMM Micro manual says, "The Ethernet tab of the Statistics web page reports TCP throughput and error information for the Ethernet connection of the module."  Even the example of the page (figure 29) in the manual shows these same errors.

What I dont understand is which connection is it referring to.  Is it all of the ports combined?  The Port MIB tab seems to give a better understanding of the status of each port.