CMM3 strange arp table

Hi to all,

i have a issue with two CMM3 that manage 15 antennas.

The network schema is attached.

Both CMM3 have it's own GPS.

The issue is that i found some strange download traffic in a PTP that it's linked to the "CMM3 two".

After several research and packet's analisys i found the owner of the download traffic.

The download trafic was generated from a SM behind a one "AP PMP450" that was also linked to the "CMM3 two".

So i thounght that ther is a ARP problem.

Infact looking the ARP table of the "CMM3 two" i can see only one ARP's record that point to the "router/switch" IP/mac.

Instead looking the ARP table of the "CMM3 one" i can see all the ARP's record that build the network and also some ARP's record that must be in "CMM3 two" ARP table because the Antenna/IP it's linked to the "CMM3 two".

At the end my question is:

how i can flush the arp table in the CMM3?

Can I do anyting else for having a better ARP's table?

I tried to restart them simultaneously flushing the "Router/Switch" ARP table but the ARP table of the "CMM3 one" and "CMM3 two" was the same.

Anyone can help me?

Thanks in advance.

Defeross - I don't have an answer for you, but will ask engineering to take a look into this.. the CMM3 product was retired a while back, so we'll have to dig around to find the expertise.