CMM3 Stuck on Acquiring Satellites

I recall us having issues with this last year.  We ended up replacing the CMM.  This is happening again at the same site on this CMM that is only a year old.  The GPS has clear view of the sky and is about 25' up the tower. The CMM is in an outside enclosure box.  Worked fine all year but now it's showing this:


Any Ideas?  Could It be the cable going up to the Antenna?  I currently have the AP's set to Gen their own sync but that can't be left very long.  I'm about to try to change out the CMM for a packetflux unit if I can't get it fixed soon.  I can't justify buying another CMM if this keeps happening every year.  I have no issues with my other CMMS on my network. 

Could it be water freezing in the line but not showing issues with the Antenna?

Any Help would be great. 


Please help me with below queries in order to proceed with troubleshooting.

May I know which GPS antenna you are using with CMM.

1.Have you tried replacing the cable going from CMM to antenna? 

2. Have you tried changing the GPS antenna position?

3. What is the current software version on CMM3?

I would suggest measuring the resistance of the GPS antenna against a known good one.  We've had problems with antennae getting condensation in them and causing problems without leading to an obvious error.

My solution to that was to seal the seams and screw holes with butyl.  Butyl is rapidly becoming my solution to anything involving having to seal anything.

Sorry for the late reply on this but we went out there and checked the jumper cable going from the CMM to the LMR. After checking it we have not had any issues.  We're not sure if it is a short in the cable or not.  We have not had it go down again yet.  Like I said in my OP it did the same thing around that time next year.  We are going to keep an eye on it in case it does it again next winter.