CMM4 and -48 VDC telecommunications hut - Urgent

This is the comments in the PMP Synchronization Solutions User Guide: "In cases where -48 VDC power is available and powering from the -48 VDC is desired (for example, in some telecommunications huts), procure a -48 VDC to +56 VDC converter such as a Mean Well Model SD-350C-48 and install between the -48 VDC source and the +56 VDC power supply." So, If I have a mixed cluster with 3 AP PMP 450 and 3 AP PMP450i and I need to use the -48 VDC from telecommunications hut. Do I need two DC-DC converters like the SD-350C-48 and SD-350C-24? Is that correct to power both models of PMP 450 series? Or Is there a port in the CMM4 that can permit to connect directly to -48 VDC and then the unit internally split the voltage for the two models of units?

You're correct in that you'll need both converters if you're using some products that require 30VDC and some requiring 56VDC.

However, Meanwell has released a 150W version that is more than enough power for the number of radios you intend to supply power for.

If 3 of each are being used, you don't even need that much power.  There are numerous models available.

Keep in mind that each 450 AP uses a peak of about 15W, and 450i can consume up to 19W.

3 of each = 45W @ 30 VDC, 57W @ 56VDC.  

I have attached the SD-150 spec in case this model will suffice for your needs.

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