CMM4 and CMM5 sync output for cnReach?

Can the CMM4 Aux Sync port in Master mode provide a 1PPS sync output signal for cnReach?

Can the OUT port on a CMM5 Injector provide a 1 PPS sync output signal for cnReach? If not, maybe Cambium should introduce a CMM5 injector for use with cnReach. (Posible Ideas topic.)

I don't think that any sync only pins are provided on CMM4 and CMM5 RJ45 ports that provide power and sync to PMP450.

We have existing CMM4 and CMM5 shelves at tower sites to provide power and sync for PMP450i. We're just starting to deploy some cnReach and I'm trying to take advantage of what we already have, rather than installing new cnPulse for syncing cnReach.



Hi Don, that is a good idea, but not supported at this point.  A 1pps sync solution is supported using the external I/O, but there may be more ideal ways to sync, since the PMP450 platform won't sync with the cnReach platform anyway.  I've attached a document that may help determine your sync options.  Typically a GPS sync solution on cnReach is ideal if there are multiple master radios.  Otherwise, using MMS and hop offset's are usually sufficient.

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Hi There !

Consider this scenario:

a) cnReach system with 5 nearby clusters

b) each cluster with 4 cnReach ptp links, interconecting the clusters together as well as remote ends

I understand that the solution for sync`ing the network is to use cnPulse, since CMM wont work, correct ?

Should I install 1 cnPulse per cnReach Master, or 1 cnPulse per cluster on my scenario ?