CMM4 and Etherwanswitch

Hi everyone,

one of the pre migration Steps from layer 3 to layer to is to upgrade the switch on the CMM4. (PAG. 6 of the migration guide).

At the moment we use 2 differend typ of CMM 4.
The first with the Etherwanswitch EX96208 and the second with the switch MO72129A.

the only firmware i found is on this link, but there is not a Firmwareversion 1.91 for the “little” Switch, there are only the Version 1.3.

is this ok? We don´t need to update this Switch?

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You shouldn’t need to update the firmware on this switch. However make sure Flow Control is disabled on any port a PMP 320 AP is connected to and configured in L2 mode.

mbsi, when you say configured in L2 mode you are referring to the PMP320 equipment not the switch right?

Yes… when the AP is configured for L2, and flow control is enabled on the port. The Ethernet Pause Frames may cause the AP to lockup.

You should upgrade your switch to 1.91 and disable flow control on all port that contain PMP320 AP’s.