CMM4 Etherwan Switch not passing VLAN?

I am running into some strange situation and can't be certain where the problem is.  Normally we only use VLAN 70,73,1111.  Recently we started offering a new service on VLAN 33, and I have been provisioning it on a need basis.  I have enabled it on two other sectors on this site without issue.  Last night I put a static VLAN 33 (dynamic disabled) on another AP.  I enabled 33 on all switch ports the first time I provisioned it on this site.  Today when our guys were on site they were unable to access that VLAN.  The SM also has static VLAN 33 assigned.  

I noticed this on the switch.  Even though the VLAN is assigned as tagged to port 3 there are no indications of activity on this VLAN.  Am I missing something?

     The first place I look when I am not seeing vlan traffic is check on the radio Statisitic -->  VLAN tab.  Enter the VLAN you want to see the statistics on, vlan 33 in your case, on both the AP and SM to see the transmitted and receive counters.   It usually will show me where to look if one field does not increment.

     Looking at the table it appears there are no packets for vlan 33 entering the Etherwan switch.  Which port is the uplink to your network from the tower?  Is the VLAN 33 configured on that switch and if so, can you see any MAC entries for VLAN 33 on that switch.  

14 is the uplink to the router.  1 through 6 are PMP 450 AP's.  The AP's on port 1 and 2 are passing without an issue.  I have the exact same VLAN config on the AP on port 3 but it's not passing.  

I will spend some time later today to look at the VLAn statistics.