CMM4 Temperature sensor?

I'm not sure if this is the right place for this question, but I couldn't find a better fit...

This summer has been hotter than normal, so keeping track of temperatures inside these boxes is important. I'm using the CMM4 rackmount unit at a few sites, and most of my other sites use Last Mile Gear CTM-2M or Packetflux solutions. The PacketFlux and CTMs have a temperature sensor I can poll via SNMP, so I am graphing the temperature using MRTG. For the CMM4, I could not find a temperature in the GUI, and I did an SNMP walk, but I apparently do not have the correct MIB files, and I'm not seeing anything jump out as being temperature related.SHAREit


Q: Is there a temperature sensor in the CMM4 rackmount, and if so, what is the OID?