CMM4 to PMP320AP Layer 1 Reporting

Comm towers can be a tough environment on CAT5 cabling. In the past (with Canopy 100 and the CMM/CMM Micro) we depended on the Ethernet Stats pages from the APs and CMMs to give us some indication of Layer 1 issues.

The CMM4 and the PMP320AP do not have any Ethernet Stats pages. When troubleshooting potential cabling issues it would be very nice to check for CRCs, etc. on the copper link instead of scheduling a tower climb to replace a cable run.

/two cents

We acknowledge that the troubleshooting statistics on the PMP320 is lacking. Software 2.3 will be available soon and will have additional statistics. Not everything that the PMP100 and PMP430 radios has but it is a progressive improvement.

Have you logged into the CMM4 switch (not the CMM4 itself) to view the port statistics? There are quite afew settings and statistics in there you may want to check out.