CMM4 with PMP450 3.65



Just purchased our first PMP equipment. After reading through the Cmm4 user guide I noticed it said the cmm4 surge suppression will not work with gig ports. 


If I don't need the gig association to the AP can I still utilize the CMM4's integrated poe ports and will these ports still provide the appropriate surge suppression?


Yes, you can utilize the CMM4 with PMP 450 3.65 GHz equipment.

The radio will Auto Negotiate the port to 100BaseT and operate normally.  In most typical deployments (even up to 20 MHz channel bandwidth), the PMP 450 will not exceed 100 Mbps in a given direction, so you'll be taking full advantage of its capabilities.

Please see the synchronization User Guide here for additional details.



Thank you for the info. and the links. 

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