CMM5 Controller

When I'm setting up my controller and i go in to services I can not see the CMM5?? I do have a USB cables plugged in to both then using the LAN port of the controller.


Hi Jeremy,

Sorry for the delayed reply. I'm happy to help you solve this problem.

Can you upload a picture of your installation?

Wiring could be the issue. You need one USB connection between your CMM5 Controller and the first Injector in the chain. If you have more than one CMM5 Power Injector, additional Injectors can be daisy-chained via the IN/OUT ports on the Injectors.

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P.S. I've attached a copy of the PMP Sync Guide. Pages 2-22 through 2-56 might also be helpful.

IS there a solution for this,  I had a controller with four cmm5's working properly but now when I access it I can only see the first CMM5.  The AP's on the other CMM5's are working properly and recieving Sync  but I cannot see them from the Services page.

Hi Chris,

Try a "Force Discover" on the services tab of the Controller GUI. I expect that your other Injectors will reappear. If they don't, please let me know.

We tried force discovery and power cycling.  Updated  the controller to 1.3 and that appears to have resolved the issue.

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We start configure our first CMM5 and we have a question about it:

After changing IP address on the controller we can't manage the ports of CCM5 (power on-off, rename etc...) but is possible only if we logging with the fallback ip (

Is it normal?

Hello guys. Could someone share what is the pinout for the cable used to daisy chain the cmm5 injectors?


RJ12 Straight thru cable.