CMM5 factorydefualt

Please i whould like to ask you if it is possible to bypass the IP of the CMM5 if there is a way to reset it to factory defualt 

Thanks in advance 

I don't know the answer on this one, but have asked folks to respond to this here... stay tuned.


Hi Ahmed,

the CMM5 Controller should always be accessible on the backup IP address of This interface is configured with a netmask, and so it must be accessed from a device on the same /24 subnet (i.e. 169.254.1.x). If the CMM5 does not respond to pings on this address, please contact Cambium Networks Customer Support for further assistance.

Best regards.

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You talking about the controller / management unit or the power / sync unit ? If you're talking about the controller then ye.  The controller unit is basically a Rasberry PI ... I got curious and opened mine a while ago :)

Anyway , it should be as simple as removing the lid and reflash the MicroSD card inside.... You'll have the get the image from Cambium though.

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Yes, I was referring to the Controller (management unit). The Power and Sync Injectors do not have an Ethernet interface, so all network management access is achieved through the Controller.

A few customers have reported a loss of network access even on the fallback IP address. We have found that in some cases it is possible for the SD card data to become corrupted, which blocks the HTTP server from launching. The remedy in this case would be to replace the SD card, which Cambium Networks will supply on request along with installation instructions.

To prevent this corruption from happening it is recommended to upgrade to the latest Controller firmware version, and to always use the System Shutdown function from the Controller GUI when powering down the Controller. (Be sure to wait for one full minute after executing System Shutdown before disconnecting the power.)


hi Cambium 

my CMM5 on Controller on Port ether the Led Indicator not Power ON

thiss issue from SD card data to become corrupted also

on my ethernet Lan Port status Un Plug

can you share for tutorial step to replace SD Card on Controller on CMM5

coz i can't access to controller

Did you get a fix for this. I have tried loading new image on an sd card and rebooting still no boot.