CMM5 Pings but no Webpage

We recently installed a brand new CMM5 with 4 pmp450m's, and everything was fine via direct connection and remote access. Next day we could not log into it remotely, but we could ping the ip address. Same thing when we plugged in directly. We tried telnet, changing cables, ports, laptops, https, http, defaulting, and anything else we could think of. When we defaulted we could ping the default IP, but no recovery page. This is not the first one we've installed, but the first one with this issue. Has someone else had this problem? Bad SD like card on the inside?

Most likely bad SD card/software load; Cambium has a Field Service Bulletin out for this exact issue (FSB 9065) where the IP address of the CMM5 responds to ICMP pings but does not provide webpage access. Recommend opening a ticket with Cambium Support referencing this FSB.

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Thanks Andrew, I've had to replace the SD cards before due to no ethernet link at all when trying to get into them to program, but first time for this issue. Thanks again for the assist.

So was there a solution to this issue ?  I can not find the Field service bulletin for this issue. Did you RMA the unit ?

We have had CMM5 working in office with no issues, deploy it on tower 711 feet in air, power it up, it works fine can log in. 2 hours later, go  to log back in, once are Access points are wired in and now our lovely CMM5 pings but GUI wont respond. Can SSH in but thats it.

Hi Dave,

I just emailed you regarding this issue as well.  This problem was resolved in firmware release 1.3.  If the device in question had this version of firmware already running we may be talking about a different issue but what you describe are inherently the symptoms of this issue.

Replacing the SD card, unfortunately, is the only solution if this occurs.  As I stated earlier.  I emailed you regarding this.  Let me know how you would like to proceed.


Chuck Hemesath

Director - Customer Support

Thanks for the help Chuck it was indeed the SD Card