I am looking for a diagram for the cable to connect a CMM5 to UGPS.


It is in the CMM5 manual, look at page 2-21.  Hope this helps.

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Nice job Clay... I emailed Paul back with exactly that response as well.

For reference, a straight-thru 6-pin RJ11 cable works to connect the CMM5 to the UGPS.

We also offer a 20 meter fully shielded pre-made cable if desired, part number: N000000L103A

Hi does anyone have a picture of this cable i just need to see what it looks like when done so i read up its straight throuhg cable RJ-12 CONNECTORS on both ends so if anyone can just post a picture just to clarify


I looked at that page in the manual and my UGPS.  I don't have a sync out on the antenna.   What I see are Aux Sync, ODY Sync and PIDU Sync

 Aux Sync, ODY Sync and PIDU Sync ports or on a cnPulse.  The uGPS has one POE port and 2 Aux ports. Attached are pictures of a uGPS Aux port or cnPulse Aux port to CMM5 cable.  It is a 6 pin straight through. I also have the pinouts attached

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