I replace an old CMM4 with a new CMM5 on a network previously managed trough Vlan

Now with CMM 5 I can only manage the controller locally ,

My question is, there is any way to config a Vlan ID for management on CMM5 ?

G'day Amontiel,

No, I had to plug the controller into a VLAN Access Port configured for my managmemnt VLAN on my Cisco switch.


You can create a new interface which contains the Vlan.. I can't recall the exact steps but you basically create a new interface followed by .vlanID. It's much the same way you'll do it in linux. 

For instance , let's say your interface is called "eth0" and your vlanID is 50... you then create a new Interface called "eth0.50" which you'll then assign your management IP to. 

Let me know if I'm not making any sense and I'll give you more exact instructions when I get the time.

Please i need more explanation if possible?

Hi mahmoufouda1,

What switch are you using to connect to the controller and how is it currently setup? 

We set ours up by using an RJ45 cable from the controller to one of our switch ports.  Then we configured the port on the switch as a vlan access port.