Any details to share about this upcoming product?


Ship date eta?

Anything at ALL to share?  C'mon CN!

Is this thing on? 

Nope.  :-p

In my experience, they don't talk much about products in development until there's a presentation or some such on it.  There's no inside scoop, as it were.

The CMM5 was slated to be released this month-  was there a delay in manufacturing/design?

Can we help you beta test a unit?


You're better off asking your Cambium rep these kinds of questions.

I did.  They know nothing.  

Cambium, will we see this product in 2016?

Yes. Working hard to get over the line with this one...there will be additional information available for this soon.

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is it now released?

Looks like it.  Sad though we have to find out specifics from a retailer even though we have been asking here.  Reminds me of another manufacturers product.

@FVI wrote:

Looks like it.  Sad though we have to find out specifics from a retailer even though we have been asking here.  Reminds me of another manufacturers product.

Yeah, it is unfortunate. I'm more disappointed in the result. Very expensive for what we get now. Next few towers will be home-brewed with a bunch of PacketFlux equipment.

Unfortunate is stating it pretty darn lightly.  Cambium never ceases to underwhelm when it comes to value added features.  It appears as if they just copied PacketFlux and multiplied the price by their favorite number.


The CMM5 is only 4 ports at $1295 and needs a management module for $995.  Plus it needs a uGPS at $169.  You have to spend $3754 just to get the 8 ports we are used to getting with the old CMMs.  Seriously?


A GB Sink Injector is $169 for four ports, the SyncPipe is $99, and the site monitor is $99.  That's $536 for 8 ports.


On a related note, PMP450 had an internal GPS (false advertising).  Too bad it was poorly designed and didn't work (frustrating).  Too bad they didn't fix it for 450i.  Too bad they abandoned it entirely! (frustrating)  GPS would have been a good value added service and kept ahead of the competition.  As it is, I have to spend an additional $169 per ap to add GPS via a uGPS.  Still way less than the new CMM5 ripoff.

I complain, but the truth is, Cambium makes good electronics, so I use them.  But I'm routinely frustrated by some of their pricing, poor comparitive physical designs, and the required accessories they force you to buy separately.  It's a mix of good pricing (ePMP), acceptable pricing (450i 900Mhz), frustrating pricing (PMP450), and rediculous pricing (3Ghz high gain, CMM).

Will, I can't agree with you more on every point.  It's super frustrating.  We have been using Canopy since the fist day motorola rolled out the first demo pack (I think I was reading manuals and web pages while we drove 6 hours to install it).  And lately we have been researching and testing other vendors/technologies in an attempt to get more for our money.  The CMM5 is a terrible idea.  In no way is it an improvment on anything else, but maye a step backwards to towards the original CMM or CMM2.  Ugh.

Probably a common theme.  We used to be 100% cambium.  We still use them for 900Mhz and 3Ghz, but we are not following blindly.  UBNT replaced our Cambium 5Ghz products back in 2012 when they got DFS.  I'm praying they figure out GPS soon enough.  The AirFiber has been the replacement for our Cambium Backhauls and it seems to do it all, so no complaints.  UBNT is in a way the opposite of Cambium... minimalistic designs, included accessories, great value, but lagging on firmware.

Netonix and uGPS.  This is what we use today for timing 450i.  It allows us to use a 24v power system and provide any voltage we need.  Having seen the CMM5, I don't see a better way other than what we're doing.

I hate having to use a uGPS in places.  Again, it seems like a step backwards.  We use Ubiquiti solely for our WiFi networks.  Just can't bring myself to use the cnPilot stuff - it rolled out with too many weird engineering choices (ie. PoE for SM's on all the time, "Customer" user accounts able to acces WAN settings).

This week we started to test some lower cost LTE gear (similar in cost to PMP450) and have been having great results.  Far better sensitivity than the PMP450 stuff.  Plus, each AP has it's own built in GPS for timing, like the 450 stuff has/had but didn't work well.  For the life of me, I have no idea why they dropped that.