CMMmicro - lite?

WTF. Jerry, did you receive a marketing e-mail with that product in it?

I clicked your link, read about it, did a manual POP3 about 5 min later and bam, there it was in an e-mail…

I got the same email, twice.

I did too.
I lookd into the brochures, but I cuold not find any prices…

list is 795USD

I got it too, i called we get 20% off ALSO

Can this also be used with backhauls, to pass sync

I ask that same question they said yea.

i can’t see any reason why it shouldn’t

maybe i should read the tech info on it… but does anyone know of hand how many devices this thing can power up


Four including the backhaul or SM that you use to pick up your signal.

is this unit a PoE unit, it powered up using a cat 5 cable ?

it has 6 ports

1 SM sync
1 SM ether
3 AP’s
1 local sub

whats this local sub ?

is it managed ? can you remotely manage it… does it have a web interface…

I am comparing it to a packet flux

Local sub port is local subscriber and 36V POE input.

Not sure if it’s managed. It would be dumb if it’s dumb.