My CMM was working fine today then i got some calls that the internet was not working i checked my ap’s and they were not getting sync so i logged into the cmm and see that i have no Satellites Tracked but i have 9 of Satellites Visable can some tell me why i don’t have snyc so i don’t have to drive 2 hours to the cmm. If i have to go out there i will try just changing the cable and if that don’t work i will try the GPS board and if that don’t work i will have to put a new cmm in right??

One more thing i just noticed in my GPS tap under Antenna Connection i get Over Current what does this mean???

Overcurrent means that the connection on the GPS antenna is shorted, most likely this means a wet GPC connector.

If your cable goes from the antenna, through a seal on the bottom of the CMM and to the BNC connector then the problem is likeley a wet connector at the GPS antenna.

On ours, there is a short BNC-Male to N-Male pigtail that goes from the BNC connector to an N-barrel mounted on the bottom of the CMM. An N-Male to N-Male cable goes from the bottom of the CMM to the GPS antenna.

Water got into the barrel and caused low level arcing. The arcing caused carbon buildup between the center pin and the barrel and eventually the connection shorted (overcurrent). I scraped out the carbon, resealed everything extra extra tight and we have not had a problem since.

You’re driving brutha!

Ok thanks on the road again can’t wait to get on the road again

Alright Willie…