CMMMicro or CMM2

Which does everyone prefer?

I ask because I have a site that is currently using a CMM2, but it is fully populated. I need to add additional radios and was looking at the micro instead of the normal CMM2 that we use. I already am not using the internal switch that comes with the CMM2, opting for a Cisco Catalyst instead.

Any pros/cons or things to watch out for with the micro?

CMM micro uses the ethernet port to deliver both data and timing sync.

If I am correct in the CMM2 you have seperate ports for timing and data.

If you plan to use an external switch, then you are better off looking/considering one of two sync injectors (packetflux) or an 8 port from lastmile gear.

Not to hijack the thread, but is anyone getting more than about 5M through an older CMM?

I have had several switches go bad in them Jerry.

by go bad, do you mean die or just get slow?

About the swithes,

I have had them go bad. We experienced them locking up or something of the sorts. It caused weird traffic, like the radios connected to them would not be able to talk, segments would die, etc. Removing the switch and replacing it with a real switch (cisco 2950) solved the issues.

Thanks guys.

Back to my original question, anyone getting more than 5M through a CMM?

I was thinking that I would replace the switch with a managed switch as well. At least I could use it on another tower.

everything from ports go bad to slow traffic even one that would pass data fine but wouldn’t let customers recieve dhcp info. That one took a good hit though. I get a 15Mbps connection in El Paso. Last weekend they had major stormes and got flooded bad. At the site where the feed comes in at got hit. Took out 6 ports on a managed switch, 4 port gig ethernet card on core router, GPS reciever on CMM, switch in CMM. Yanked the whole thing no telling what is wrong. Funny though how it wouldn’t pass DHCP requests.

You were getting 15M across a CMM with the original switch, or with the replacement cisco?

sorry to hear about the damage - that sucks.

no my connection is 15M at that site and it does not run threw the CMM. The 15M comes into the site and pluggs into the router. A 60Mbps BH takes it from their to Roswell. The CMM pluggs into another port on the router and all of the EL Paso customers are fed threw that CMM to BH’s that go to other sites around the city. I have on several occasions been watching the router and seen traffic on the port that feeds the CMM hit 10M before. So to answer your question I would say yes. That company makes a managed version of that switch but it’s about $600 to $800 not worth it. I did find one that would fit inside the housing made by MOXA distributed by B & B electronics that is managed and has redundant ethernet ring capability. sounds cool but not 1 to 2 thousand cool.