CMMmicro problem

In last few weeks we starting to have problems with three CMMmicro units out of six. Web interface, telnet, ping stops responding.
The only solution is physical restart. After random period starts to appear again. We tried to update firmware from version 2.0.8 to 2.1.1 but problem remains. APs still passing data. I hope that GPS synchronization still runs (GPS Sync Pulse Status: Receiving Sync).

Does somebody have similar or same problem?
Do you have some solution for this problem? If so, let us know.

Any help would be appreciated. :?

I am experiencing the same trouble - I’m not sure what version the firmware is running. I do not have the GPS hooked up to the CMMmicro yet, I just have 1 900AP, 1 5.2 AP and an Orthogon radio that I’m using for my backhaul. I’m looking for a fix also.

This is now known issue and was documented in knowlegde base: … d=302&c=18

I’m having some trouble with the interface. It times out about 17 seconds into the viewing and you have to exit out and then back in to do anything. As far as any other problems, I believe everything is working OK.

Do your CMM’s have public IP addresses? If so, are they reachable from the outside? Any firewalling in place?