CMMmicro reboot's 1st used port

I have noticed this for a while now and havn’t thought much about it till now. On all of my CMMmicro’s when I enable/disable power on any port they always reboot whatever is in port 1 also. All are running ver 2.2 and it does not matter what version software the modules are running. Any one having the same issue or not? I called tech support today about it and they had nothing in the notes about it, and would have to recreate it in the lab to see if it was an issue or not.

Ok update if nothing is in port 1 then the first port used is the one to reboot.

port 1 is supposed to be your switch port and not poe

Not exactly sure where you got that bit of info but it is incorrect. The switch is built in and the site is fed threw a BH. No need for a switch.

If you read the update to my post you will also see that even if nothing is on port 1 then the first used port is the one to reboot.

To my knowledge only the CMM2 has a port requirement and that is a AP in port 1.

ic the update. but on all of the cmm’s we work on port 1 is non poe and to either a cisco cat5700 or equal. out of all these set up’s i have never seen a issue on 2.2 or any other firmware. we also run poe on all ports for ap’s

attitude this is an interesting problem. to me it sounds software related. almost like the 8 ports in the switch are an array, and each time the PoE On/Off function is called it searches through each element of the array. if there is something termianted in the port, reboot it, if not, move on.

that’s almost what it sounds like. did you try reflashing the software?

The problem is half human error and the other half is a flaw in the software. As for the human error, when I am making changes in a module after the change is made I just hit enter and it has the same effect as scrolling to the bottom of the page and selecting save changes. Now for the software flaw. In the CMMmicro with version 2.2 after enabling or disabling the power on a port hitting enter does not select save changes. It select’s the first reset button under the check box. If port 1 has no module in it and the power on the port is off port 1 has no reset button so it will select the one under the first port with power enabled.