CN Medusa SFP activation rollback?

WE have several CN MEdusas deployed on towers with Ethrenet that we wish to switch to fiber. 

We have installed the fiber, and are ready to switch but apparently there is no way to regain access to the unit if the switching goes wrong? 

Gino - This isn't right... there is a way.  We are working on putting together the proper procedure for this, and will post shortly.

Thanks Matt! 

Hi Gino,

If you boot the CN Medusa to the Radio Recovery Console then this operates on the Main (Copper) port.

From the Radio Recovery Console you can "Boot - Default Mode" which will allow access to the UI over the Main (Copper) port again, and you can revert the port selection.

(If you are not familiar the process to enter the Radio Recovery Console then it is documented on page 9-72 of the PMP 450x Configuration and User Guide available at

I hope this answers your question but please do say if it doesn't

Best regards,


There's upgrade to switch port in case o broken fiber?

Switch together 2 ports?

Please follow the default recovery procedure outlined in the post above yours to recover from a broken fiber line...