CN Pilot mode of operation

Hello ALL, I am trying to purchase CNPilot and I want to know if the 5GHz module is used to connect in series other CNPilot devices so that I do not have to put a BH at the top every CNPilot device.

Please, a quick response will help me make this decision.


Yes, Mesh link is feasible between cnPilot Enterprise devices.

Please let us know the use case.

  • how many hops are you planning to deploy
  • What is the maximum distance between hops.

Hello CAM_TSK,

So, I want to have a series setup of 10 CNpilot e700 & e510 mix for street WiFi with devices 1000m apart. The first device will have a Cambium F300-16 on my ePMP network giving it internet and then the 5GHz module of the CNPilot takes over to extend the internet to the rest of the devices.

Let me know if this works for Cambium

  • 1000m between two cnPilot devices is not recommended solution.

What is the recommended distance between devices please. Let me know.
I will use e700’s and e510’s. The 2.4GHz will be for the clients over WiFI.

cnPiolt devices supports MESH using WDS protocol, with this reason

  • It is not recommended to use MESH with single 1 hop

  • For better network reliability and better WI-Fi performance follow bellow design approach

  1. Design MESH network in such-way that the middle Access Point (call as Mesh Base AP) can serve one single left and right side Access Point (call as Mesh Client AP)

  2. Provide back haul internet connectivity to every Mesh Base AP (this can increase adding more back haul connectivity but your wireless network will be more reliable clients internet performance)

  3. This design will ensure that you will be having 3 Mesh Base APs for planned 10 APs deployment

  4. 7 Mesh clients (for last Mesh Base AP) extend 2 hops on one side

  5. On this MESH link decide how much wireless throughput you are planning to achieve, then SNR on MESH link will decide the MESH distance

  6. Our recommendation to have MESH link SNR minimum of 35 dBm and above

You use this link to understand SNR to Data rate usage on Wi-Fi MESH link

  1. Make use of 40 MHz channel for MESH radio as you can get more non overlapping channels in 5 GHz

  2. In cnMaestro create a separate AP group for MESH base and Mesh Client APs for easy of configuration push and firmware upgrade

  3. Try to form MESH connection between the same models for example MESH between e700 to e700 is recommended compared to e700 to e510

The reason is e700 to e700 MESH link provide 4x4:4 link compared e700 to e510 which results into 2x2:2 as e510 is 2x2 in 5 GHz

  1. Generally it is recommended to keep MESH base and Client at the same height being both the devices Omnidirectional

Hi cireddy,

I am looking for a solution that behaves like the OAP100 from Edge Core Networks (
It is not feasible to use one SM/BackHaul to establish a link to 3 CNPilot e700’s
Is there another solution that does this with Cambium?

hi frederick,

the backhaul links can be designed with point to multi point link. you have planned 1 back haul device. we can think of adding 2 sm for the remaining 2 mesh base aps. e700 ethernet 2 can power on cambium backhaul device.

cambium networks has teragraph solution with the product line called cnWave, hope you might be aware of this one

Hello Cireddy,

The problem is not with the number of SM’s. The main problem I am avoiding is the LOS which is required to get a good link from the ePMP. So, the poles for the CNPilots are 19 feet and it is hard to establish many SM’s in Africa with this height. We need about 25m MAST minimum to get a link running to be able to give internet to first CNPilot. I will play around with my PoC and see hoe best to do this. I cannot put up masts that close. This will not be cost effective or environment friendly.
Let me know if anymore thoughts.

Hi Frederick,
Depending on the available Internet Feed I would recomend as the most cost effective approach (I have implented this) to use an ePMP MicroPOP at the middle pole (PoE from the AP) and ePMP Force 130 and or Force 300-13L at the rest of the Poles (PoE again from the AP but bare in mind that in order to power the Force 130 you must change the Pin Out - Cambium says that it is not compatible with the PoE Out of the AP which is true if you use a straight ethernet cable).
In order to feed the MicroPOP you will need an extra ePMP Force XXX at the first Pole.
If you wish to lower the cost you may use instead of the MicroPOP an ePMP 1000 5GH SM (not with GPS) with an external Omni Antenna configured as AP.
With this set up the 5GHz radio of the APs will be available for the end users on 100% of the time.
Of course you may proceed with a mixed scenario, some poles with ePMP and some Wi-Fi Mesh if you have any poles close (less than 200m) to one another and in clear LOS.

P.S. If there is no middle pole to serve as a PoP (due to LOS constrains) you may create separate PtMP networks using the SMs of the 100 series. They may be configured as APs to serve multiple SMs (which you can not do with the 300 series SMs, they operate only as endpoints or as PTP links).

Hello Ndem,

I totally understand this.
Means I need to source some 5GHz ePMP 1000 integrated SM’s for this to work effectively.

Thanks so much.