I was super ecited about the introduction of the cnPilot products, and from a service provider standpoint, they seemed like a perfect compliment to the PMP series radios, until I got them and started to work with one.  There are a few changes that should be made in order for them to be usable in a service provider environment.  Keep in ind that I only have R201P units, so that is what this is based on.  Also, these are all issues with local config since Cambium support is super slow in getting my cnMaestro account info to me.

1 - User Account - while they boast "two-level manegement", the levels are silly.  One of those levels, perhaps Basic User, should have limited access to the WAN network settings.  As it is right now, every user account can change the WAN connection type (DHCP, static, etc), and change WAN IP addesses.  A "user" account should only be able to changes things on the WAN side - LAN subnet info, WiFi SSIS's, WiFi radio settings.  Right now, with users able to access important, connection-dependent settings, these can not go out to end users.

2 - WAN PoE - why is this always on?  Not every device that it will be plugged into will accept the proprietary Canopy passive 24 VDC.  This should be optional under the admin accountt o avoid damage to other devices.  Heck the old Canopy power supplie had a warning to connect one end to a radio and the other to a computer, why are these different?

3 - User Guide - This needs a major update.  There is no explanation of things like the user account differences/limitations, no mention of the WAN PoE being "always on", minimal description of the "Connect Name" or "Service" fields.

4 - Remote Config - If you change the TCP port that is listens on, it applies to both the LAN and WAN sides - you can't set one non-standard port for WAN and a standard port number for LAN.  It's all or nothing.

For now, we may either send these units back (even with the buy 9 get 1 free promo), or they will just sit in a box and collect dust until things get better.


I am Sorry to see that we've fallen short of expectations. None-the-less welcome your comments and suggestions. Thanks for taking time to give us feedback.  We've noted this feedback and will make improvements on our roadmap.


1 - User Account:  We are working on an enhancement to the software that will allow the average home user "limited access" from LAN port to set a few critical parameters (SSIDs and passwords) and perform basic operations (reboot). We hope to roll this out in about 45 days

2 - WAN PoE: This is a harder issue as it is hardware driven at the moment. its on our roadmap for future enhancements to have the ability to turn off

3 - User Guide: We've noticed this. Acknowledge that this is not in the best shape. We'll strive to do better and make changes in the coming months.

4-Remote Config: Our support is looking into this issue and someone should be getting back on this as we investigate it.