cnArcher v1.6.4 beta available for Android

Update 1/08/2021

cnArcher v1.6.4 beta is now available for Android. To get the app, please go to the cnArcher page 9 in the Play Store and install.

If you are not currently a beta tester, scroll down to the bottom of the cnArcher Play Store page and click “Become a Beta Tester”. This can only be done from the Play Store on your phone, and not from a browser.

You can always opt-out of beta testing from the cnArcher Play Store page. Then uninstall and re-install cnArcher to go back to the production version.

What’s New

Streamlined PMP/ePMP SM installation sequence

The installation sequence for PMP and ePMP SMs have been redesigned to speed up the install process.

  • All configuration settings have been consolidated to a single screen which reduces the number of reboots because of configuration changes.

  • You can now manually enter the color code for PMP or preferred AP SSID for ePMP without performing “AP evaluation”.

  • “AP evaluation” shows results faster by picking up the list of APs already available on the SM.