cnHeat Available to Order Today

cnHeat is now available to be ordered!

cnHeat comes with two features; Heat Map and Site Optimization. 

Heat Map allows the WISP to see predicted coverage on buildings and properties surrounding a site based on using high resolution GIS data (e.g. 1 meter).  With this data a WISP can quickly indicate to an end customer on the phone whether service can be provided, plan for installations in the shop knowing where the installation will occur, go to the exact location of the home or property decreasing overall installation time, and avoid failed installations when cnHeat predicts no service.

Site Optimization allows the WISP to move a site up to 600'.  Heat Map coverage for the Site Optimization and the original site's Heat Map can be compared such that an optimal installation location for a site can be determined.

Ordering cnHeat is done by the following process; Download Template, Fill Out Template and Upload, Receive Parts Information from Cambium, and Place the Order.

Download Template: Go to and select "Download Template".  This provides a csv template of site, AP, and SM information that is to be filled out.  A Word document also is provided explaining each of the fields in the csv.

Fill Out Template and Upload: Fill out the fields in the .csv or provide a LINKPlanner project and upload this at along with providing customer contact information.

Receive Parts Information from Cambium: Cambium will take your site information and determine if free GIS data is available or GIS data must be purchased.  Cambium will then send you the exact part numbers that must be purchased to obtain cnHeat for your sites.

Place the Order:  Ordering is similar to other Cambium products.  Once the order is placed and the Heat Map for your sites are ready, Cambium will provide account name and password to access your heat maps at


So you are releasing this for the first time as it has never been available to the public before. No one except beta testers has used it, you don't know until you have it if GIS map data has to be purchased or not, yet you aren't even offering any kind of free trial? I'm not sure your marketing people are on top of things here. I can tell you that I don't buy any software without some kind of trial or guarantee. I don't buy cars without a test drive, and I buy equipment that has some kind of return policy. I'm sure I'm not the only one. 


I would have to concur 100% with you on this one and go one further as to what about those of us already running Cambium products we just get left out in the cold, that is what it is sounding like. 

To view a demo of cnHeat visit

Account Name: cnheat

Password: demo

SteveWright, maybe I missed something. How are existing Cambium customers getting left out in the cold? This service is available to existing and new Cambium customers.

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  You do NOT have to purchase the service to determine if GIS data is available. Rather, if you are interested in potentially purchasing cnHeat, then download and submit the template at

Your order will be reviewed and a quote of the required software elements will be provided. There is no commitment to buy.

I hope this helps.



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Hi Sleerf,

I would be glad to speak with you regarding questions on cnHeat.  If you like, please reach out to me at


So, is this just to order a KMZ file or?  I looked at the demo and am unsure.  Is this not another App based service like cnMaestro, where we can host and manage our own data and also host our own back end?  It looks very intersting to use and if we had a handful of sites that would be great, but a few hundred sites and still building and it seems like a pain to have to go back and forth to submit data.

Hi Wally1,

This is a web based service.  We will not be providing a KMZ file.  Once you have your first site, we will provide you an account name and password.  Whenever new sites are added, they are accessible all at the same time.

With regard to submitting data, we do need you to provide individual site information to us for now.

If you would like to try cnHeat out for a site in order to see its value, we will provide a demo site for a couple of weeks.  You would just submit the site information and indicate you would like the demo.


Hello, I've already upload Link Planner project, but I dind't received information neither my account name and password to access the tool.

Hi Mario,

We did just receive your submission. 

Tomorrow we will see if free GIS data exists.  Assuming it does we will then create a demo site for you in the next couple of days where we provide you your account name and password.  No matter what we will reach out to you with a response tomorrow and what to expect.

Thank you for your interest in cnHeat.


Whoops, I want to order this in the morning. Can i have my cnheat site ready the same day?


No.  We cannot have it ready the same day.


How long if I submit in morning can I have it Friday?


We will need the sales order and the site information. We also will need to verify that there is data for the site. We can then process the order and it is possible it could be available on Friday.


ok who do i call?

Email me at and I will send you my phone number.


I submitted the template on the site, I hope you have the coverage data for it, im ready to pay asap! thanks

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