cnHeat CASS IDENTIFY Addresses Released

cnHeat IDENTIFY addresses are now upgraded to cnHeat CASS IDENTIFY addresses. CASS (Coding Accuracy Support System) is a certification system from the United States Postal Service (USPS) for address validation and hence delivery. The resultant increase in deliverability percentage decreases lost postage and production costs.

With the release of CASS IDENTIFY addresses, existing IDENTIFY addresses will be discontinued.

Part number: PS-CADSP-US
Part Description: 100 CASS Addresses, Provided to Service Provider
MSRP: $40.00

CASS IDENTIFY addresses are only supported in the United States.

The charge for CASS IDENTIFY addresses is based on increments of 100. If the final amount of addresses is between 1 and 99, then the charge is for 100 addresses. For the example of 521 addresses, 6 PS-CADSP-US @ $40 for a total of $240 would be needed.