cnHeat NLOS User Interface Changes

We have been working hard to improve the usability and functionality of the cnHeat interface. With the addition of NLOS for 3GHz there are a few changes we would like to share.

1) If a NLOS prediction is present then the Distance Tool will show the clutter height for the location selected.

2) With two tables (NLOS and LOS) it can be difficult to keep track of the predicted RSL given the current value of the height slider. We now color code the relevant RSL to be able to easily compare values from different towers. Tower A is accessible LOS with a predicted RSL of -56dBm. Tower C has no coverage at this height. Tower B is accessible NLOS with a signal level between -66dBm and -60dBm. This new color coding feature automatically takes into account whether you are in LOS/Height above Clutter mode or NLOS/Height above Terrain mode.

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We have an existing cnHeat account, but do not have the option to change between LOS and NLOS like is indicated in your images. What are we missing?

Currently NLOS is only supported for 3GHz.

If you have 3GHz sites in your account, please contact us so that we can re-run to support this new feature.

You can email me at