cnHeat OPTIMIZE Released! Find Optimal Greenfield AP Site Locations to Cover Up to 255 SMs

Cambium Networks announces its next cnHeat service, OPTIMIZE OPTIMIZE_Logo.JPG. cnHeat OPTIMIZE OPTIMIZE_Logo.JPG   optimizes the placement of AP Greenfield sites such that sites reach the greatest number of desired / specific homes and businesses with wireless service.  cnHeat OPTIMIZE OPTIMIZE_Logo.JPGaccomplishes this through two means: Site Finder and Verify Coverage.

Site Finder finds the best AP site locations to cover up to 255 critical SM locations.  Site Finder takes as input:

  • SM locations (i.e. latitude, longitude, and height) to be covered
  • Height for the AP site (NOTE: Customer is given two different AP Site Heights to try)
  • Area of interest for the site
    • Center point to start search
    • Search radius

The resulting output is a heat map where % SM viewshed coverage is shown at every square meter in the area of interest. NOTE: Since two different AP Site Heights are provided, the customer will receive two heat maps; one for each AP site height.

Verify Coverage is similar to cnHeat LOCATE LOCATE_Logo.JPG(heat maps) except that it will only have one color as there is no RSSI levels shown on the heat maps.  RSSI levels will be provided in the near future.  Verify Coverage is used to verify coverage for an AP site location as found by Site Finder.  Verify Coverage, which is run after Site Finder, is provided at a discount to running cnHeat LOCATE LOCATE_Logo.JPGonly.  Verify Coverage is provided for 1-month.

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