I've seen videos from WA2019 about cnHeat. It looks interesting.
Where can we find more informations about it? 

Thank you


I have the same interest.

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To find out more about cnHeat, reach out to me, Daniel Sullivan,  Once connected we can have a conversation.


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Is this a POE powered heater for tower climbers to plug into to stay warm while working on a tower?  :)



You wish :)

Joking aside, cnHeat is a tool being developed by Cambium Networks for RF network planning and mapping.

Stay tuned for more information...

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Are there any plans to show RF overlap on the heat map? This is something we are really needing. 



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The heat map shows the RF coverage for an AP at all locations including buildings.  You can see exactly where to mount your SM at a building for optimum coverage.

Perhaps I am misdunderstanding what you mean by RF overlap.  If so, please provide more detail.


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I think I have the same question as J.  If a PTMP sector was selected would it highlight the range and coverage (example if there were say 4 90 degree) would you see a 360 coverage heat map so to quickly view/calculate coverage distance and potential next tower locations?  Like the olympic ring effect?

Hi ruralnetworks,

A picture / demo will probably do a better job of answering your question.  We have a live demo of cnHeat that you can look at.  Please go to:  You will be prompted for Account Name and Password.  Enter "cnheat" and "demo".  Here you will see a heat map with three sites (towers) with four APs each pointing N, E, S, W.

The heat maps provide colors that equate to different RSSI levels.  These are defined by the customer and you can have up to six of them.  For example, you could have -55 dBm (and above), -62, -68, and -74.

The heat map demo also shows that coverage from different towers provides overlapping coverage for buildings.


Are you able to set the subscriber height for the heat map?

Let’s say I planned on building 80ft towers for my subscriber sites, can I specify that in cnHeat?

You can specify two SM installation heights for each site. We usually recommend the lowest possible height you would install and the tallest possible height you would install. (In this case 80 feet.)

Just keep in mind that our model automatically uses the height of all trees and buildings in the calculation. So a tree may show covered at 1 foot installation height. That means 1 foot above the tree would have connectivity to the tower not 1 foot above ground.

For your 80ft scenario you would just need to make sure that as you review the heat map for possible coverage you are only looking at bare earth where tower installation would be possible.

I hope that makes sense. Let us know if it does not.

Makes perfect sense.

Would it show me how tall the tree or building I’m looking at is? For instance I see that I have coverage 1ft above the tree, but do I know how tall the tree is?

Also, are you able to say how the data is obtained? Like how accurate are the tree heights? Is it lidar data?

Today we do not show the heights of the trees although that is an excellent suggestion that I think we should include in a future release.

Our data sources vary so the accuracy will vary as well. In most cases we believe we accurately capture the vertical height within 1m. We are also looking at ways to improve this accuracy.