cnM GPS AP's in the wrong place

EDIT: Just found Configuration > System > Location Services “Update” button. Guessing this will resolve all my issues.

So just downloaded newest cnM spun it up on VMWare EXSi. Ran it for a little while back when it first came out, was hoping some of the issues are fixed.

The problem appears to be caused by using the config from one GPS AP as a template to set up another GPS AP.

So I have AP1 at Location 1 and I’m setting up AP99 for Location 2.
(1) Save config from AP1 as it has all the current network, keys, ntp etc… etc…
(2) Upload config from AP1 to AP99 which is on the bench change the desired settings/info and save.
(3) AP99 is now up and the Monitor > GPS page shows the Lat/Long for exactly where it is at Location 2.
(4) AP99 connects to cnM and cnM shows it in Loc1 with AP1’s Lat/Long.

So I log into AP99 and save the config thinking “Me smart, me save config and new Lat/Long get saved, then I re-upload right back up to AP99 and have correct Lat/Long”. Except, no, doesn’t work. The config downloaded from AP99 still has Lat/Long from AP1 at Loc1.

So, while I understand why it saves the Lat/Long in the config ( for non-GPS radios e.g. client radios ) I don’t know why it isn’t over written by the GPS AP when you save its config. How do you even save it to the config of a GPS radio ?

So far it looks like I’ll either have to have cnM upload a template with the correct Lat/Long manually entered for each GPS AP or download (probably faster) the config from the GPS AP, edit the json with the correct Lat/Long and then re-upload it ?

Is there an easier way to fix this ? That’s a lot of copy/past’en uploaden configs…

Edit: So I have a 3000 AP that cnM has no location for but the 3000AP Monitor > GPS has the all the data (GPS is tracking sats and it has the correct LAT/LONG on Monitor > GPS). When I download the config from this AP the config does not have the systemDeviceLocLatitude, systemDeviceLocLongitude or systemDeviceLocHeight settings in the file, they just aren’t there.

So what am I not understanding here ? How is this supposed to work ?