cnMaestro 1.0.2 Release Notes


cnMaestro was updated to support a number of new features that increase stability and improve the user experience. These include:

ePMP Troubleshooting

A troubleshooting page has been added for ePMP AP and SM devices. Previously this functionality was only available for Wireless LAN.


Technical Support Dump

A technical support dump is now available for ePMP AP and SM as well as Wireless LAN devices. Click on the wrench icon on the Troubleshooting page to download information such as configuration, OS-level details, and logs. The technical support dump can aid Cambium Support to debug issues.


Map Coordinates

The coordinates of a device on a map can be configured using a street address rather than typing in latitude and longitude.


Software Update for Daisy Chained Devices

When a group of devices is updated, and some of those devices power other devices in the group, the updates occur so the PoE source will not power cycle when the software image is transferring to the dependent device.

Note: devices whose software is updated during onboarding do not have this protection. Therefore, devices powering onboarding radios should not be power cycled until the software update is complete.

Move Wireless LAN Devices

Wireless LAN devices can be moved from one network to another network.

Sector Configuration

Configuration of Point-to-Multipoint devices can be applied per sector.

Manage Administrator Page

The Administrators section is simplified and aggregated into a single page. The management table has also been updated to enhance usability.

Wireless Client and AP Details

These are temporarily added to the Network screens.

Usability Enhancements

There are many smaller enhancements added throughout the UI to improve its usability and interaction. These include:

  1. The presentation for empty nodes in the hierarchical tree is clear.
  2. Serial number onboard is more user friendly if an incorrect serial number is entered (previously it had to be typed a second time).
  3. In the Software Update page, the display of current versions is now a pie chart.
  4. The overall UI more uniform, and items such as the representation of device up/down and job management and display have been standardized.
  5. In some screens internal product names are now presented as the external names.
  6. Dashes are disallowed in the Cambium ID, because they were unsupported in some devices.

Supported Products

cnMaestro supports the following Cambium Networks products:





cnPilot R200


cnPilot R200P

cnPilot R201


cnPilot R201P

cnPilot R201W

cnPilot Indoor E400


ePMP 1000 Hotspot

ePMP 1000 Hotspot


cnMaestro has an ongoing beta program for these products:




ePMP 1000

ePMP 1000 AP


ePMP 1000 SM

Legacy cnPilot and ePMP software 2.5.1 and greater can also be onboarded; however Cambium strongly recommends updating all device software to the versions specified above, because legacy devices may enter a connection loop under certain circumstances and require a manual restart of their onboard management agent.

Obtaining a cnMaestro Cloud Account

In order to create a cnMaestro account to manage your devices, please send the following information to

  1. Name
  2. Support Center Email Address
  3. Company
  4. Country

Once account creation is approved, you will be notified through email from Afterwards you can login to and create a cnMaestro account.



Where to Get Help

There are a number of places to get help with cnMaestro.

Cambium Community

There is a community available for cnMaestro discussion ( This forum provides the best place to ask questions and get up-to-date information

You can elect to receive an email for all new messages posted to the forum by clicking on Options à Subscribe (located next to the “New Message” button).

cnMaestro Documentation

cnMaestro Quick Start Guide: This guide walks you through the initial management process and allows you to get onboarded quickly. The latest version is posted on the Community.

cnMaestro User Guide: The document provides a more expansive overview of the core features of cnMaestro.

cnMaestro Online Help: Click on the Documentation button on the cnMaestro Home Page to launch an HTML version of the User Guide.

ScreenHunter_3710 Dec. 07 19.10.jpg

Cambium Support

The Cambium Support team ( is available 24x7 to answer questions and resolve issues.

Network Access

cnMaestro requires all managed devices to have Internet connectivity to over port 443. Connections to cnMaestro originate on the managed devices, which means they can be situated behind a NAT firewall. Once a session is created with cnMaestro, it persists and allows real-time, encrypted communication.


Supported Browsers

MS Windows

Internet Explorer           IE browser has issues posting data and is not supported in this release

Firefox                          Version 36 and above

Chrome                        Version 40 and above


Safari                           Version 8


Firefox                          Verson 36 and above

Chrome                        40 and above


Known Issues


There is no way to switch between accounts on the cnMaestro management UI. One either needs to logout, or to select “Create Account” to be re-directed back to .


Unable to view the ePMP SM device configuration.


When a device is unclaimed, it is not clear from the device UI it is no longer associated with an account (the error message is “connection”). Instead the device will need to be re-claimed using the Cambium ID/onboarding token on the device.


Device names push from CNSNG are not validating the length of the name or the special characters allowed by the device.


Alarm count mismatch between bar graph and grid in active alarms page.