cnMaestro 1.0 initial Feedback

Got a good chance to play around with Maestro tonight and onboarded a dozen or so radios. I see a lot of amazing possibilities with this platform... a diamond in the rough! I have some thoughts/ideas about the current state of Maestro:
- The options in 'Configure' column in the onboading queue need some serious attention... just a quick example, no way to select a network or tower... only lat/long/google earth.
- I've already spent a bunch of time onboarding devices and creating towers in the 'default' network... can I simply just rename 'default' to something else? Now I'm having to move everything around object by object and it's incredibly tedious.
- Why can't I add a BH's SM to a tower site or a network? Furthermore, it would be handy for Maestro to be able to differentiate between PtP and PtMP radio rolls. Example... the SM in a PtP link is part of a another tower, but I can't put it in this tower group, because it's a SM/child of the AP.
- Would be incredibly handy for the SM's to just use the AP's Maestro onboarding credentials by default if no credentials are loaded on SM.
- Really baffled about UI idiosyncrasies regarding changing details of network/tower/radio groups VS. actually pushing configuration changes out to radios. Hard to describe, but this issue crops up when trying to change the location or group for towers and radios.
- Please include some way to look at changelog/release notes for firmware updates.
- Please make the beta program a Maestro opt-in, additionally, please disable version checking where it suggests that a beta or RC release is the newest version and that current release is out of date... I could imagine some people not paying attention or looking closely enough will update a bunch of radios to beta/rc release without realizing it... furthermore, a few SM's with old firmware releases mixed in with current firmware will go un-noticed for me because due to the above mentioned issue.

- Please enable use of mouse scroll wheel on all map items... currently only works for maps used for initial placement.

- Please add DL/UL frame utilization to the stats for radios please.

- Mouse over detail for graphs that show over time stats.



During on-boarding of an SM, cnMaestro will not ask you to select "Network" or "Tower". These are automatically determined based on which AP the SM connects to. I suspect this is what you saw. If not, please let us know.

There is already an enhancement request in place to rename the "default" Network object (CNSSNG-2098) so it will come, just not in the next few weeks.

ePMP in PTP mode is not yet supported. We will update the release notes to explicitly state this. Right now, it just says ePMP AP and SM are in beta, which is not clear enough. Sorry about the confusion.

We are working on simplifying the on-boarding of SMs. You will be able to see the SMs connected to an AP and on-board them from cnMaestro teself without having to login to the SM. Stay tuned.

Regarding "UI idiosyncrasies", please provide more specifics when possible. Do note that under "Manage > Organize", you can create and manage Networks and Towers, but to actually move devices between them, you have to select the device and then go to "Configure > Devices". You currently cannot move a Wi-Fi AP after on-boarding, but this will be fixed. You also cannot specify a Network and Tower dor SM, this is determoned automatically. Those are the "idiosyncrasies" I am aware of.

We will add the ability to view release notes for cnMaestro.

Making the "beta" an explcitit opt-in is a good idea. I have added this request to our backlog (CNSSNG-2275).

I will follow up on the request for frame utilization stats. 

Keep the feedback coming.