cnMaestro 1.6: incomplete Performance 1 Week Graph


few days ago I updated from 1.5 to 1.6. All seems ok, except for 1 week Performance graphs, they are not updating.

The 1 Week Graphs Throughput has datas coming from the old server, but after the upgrade (export/import on new server) there is no data, it's not updating 

See attachments for better explanation.

Mine (1.6.0 r5 OP) is filling in fine.  I didn't do an Export Import, but this obviously shouldn't matter.AP Perf.PNG

What I did notice, is that on the weekly usage and throughput (main SM monitor) page, the following are true:

Current Weekly Usage widget should be labeled as Resolution 1 Day - Not 1 Hr

The Usage graph populates at midnight GMT + or - the time offset.  In our case -5.  The graph populates at 1900 local (GMT -5)

Haven't confirmed all other graphs , but time settings are still a little "wonky".  I know reports are also off, but will post individually.

No Graph when i select 1 Week (Throughput, Modulation...)! CNMaestro On Premesis

I think I have solved it. Two days agos I increased the RAM of the VM, from 2GByte to 6GByte and now I can see the last two days in the week graphs.

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Hi Usseglio -- we are glad increasing the memory solved the problem. We have had a few cases in the last few days traced back to low memory, so I just wanted to post the current requirements from the User Guide, in case others have a similar issue.

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We have 8000 devices connected in a 4 vCPU machine and we have upgraded our on premises from 6 to 8 Gb RAM and the week graph now is working well