cnMaestro 2.1.0-r22 doesn't always report the correct MTU values when running report

Early today I ran a report to take a look at the LAN MTU setting in all of our ePMP gear.  I noticed that there were at least 5 or 6 devices that had incorrect MTU values (For example, 1500 MTU instead of the 1598 it was supposed to be set to) but when I went into the device itself the value was set as it should be.  Sometimes the value is just exported as a blank cell in the csv.  Any ideas on what is causing this discrepancy between the cnMaestro report and the actual configuration values?

Does the device web UI display the correct MTU value in both the Configuration and Monitor sections?

Yes, MTU value is correctly reported in both Configuration->Network and Monitor->Network.  I have noticed that all ePTP Slave devices have this issue, and are shown with an MTU of 1500 in the cnMaestro report when they are really set to 1598.  

After running the report again, every ePTP Master has a blank cell for the MTU, except for one device, for some reason