cnMaestro 2.2.0 (On-Premises) Reports Several APs as "Offline" - They are not offline.

We are seeing several of our APs flagged as being "offline" when they are not. How do we clear this error and/or stop it from "crying wolf"?

APs are running 16.0.1. CPU usage is at 100%.

We identified this issue in 16.0.1 build where devices would reach 100% CPU usage and disconnect from cnMaestro while still being reachable.  A fix for this has been developed and will be included in the 16.1 device firmware release.

In order to work around this recently I scheduled all affected APs to reboot overnight (via cnMaestro).

Unfortunately because it sees the AP as ffline, cnMaestro just skips the reboot job requiring a manual reboot at a less suitable time (ie during business hours).

It would be 'nice' if cnMaestro could at least try sending the reboot command to a device, even if it thinks the device is offline.

I don't really have much use case for scheduling reboot of devices which are online as I do scheduled config changes using a template including the reboot flag as necessary.

The only reason I reboot devices is to bring them online to be able to apply config templates...