cnMaestro 2.3.0 (On-Premises)

Hi Telemar -- thanks for the notification. I can reproduce this in Cloud as well. We are looking into it.


Hi Telemar -- looks like the mapping issue is a domain name update in our provider. We should be able to fix it internally, but it will take a couple days to test. The Satellite View still works, so that could be used in the interim (though it is best in the US and EU).

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Thank you!

Another "bug"

In Major Alarms section, the line Duration, Status, IP Address etc... cannot be sorted.

For exemple if I click on Duration, the error not being sorted from the newest or the olders.

Sorry if I was not clear


Hi Telemar,

The Duration sorting was removed in 2.3.0 due to performance issues and Raised Time was given both the sorting as well as filtering based on date and time. IPAddress sort is removed as different types of devices have different types of addresses reported . Status sorting is removed and Fitler is provided for filtering the active and InActive Alarms. 



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Thanks, very clear

looking for the zero touch option for epmp??  I don't seem to have it.


The option will not be there in NOC and is only for cloud. In NOC it will work without enabling only as by default NOC has Zero touch enabled . Please make sure the ePMP AP is onboarded and the SMs will follow the AP and get onboarded Automatically using Zero Touch.