cnMaestro 3.0.0 (On-Premises) not displaying cnWave Statistics

We are currently deploying our first cnWave pop with some live customer connections. However, while everything seems to be working ok and traffic is flowing as expected, we are not seeing any of the Performance Statistics for the POP DN or the CNs in cnMaestro. I can only see the related statistics if I log directly into the DN itself. We are using an external e2e controller (V1.0.1) and on-premises cnMaestro. All devices, and the controller, have IPv6 connectivity, routing is working fine, and all can ping each other over IPv6. Has support for this been implemented yet in cnMeastro or am I missing something obvious with this? Thanks.


What are devices are configured as PoP, DNs and CNs. Can we do debug session remotely? Please let us know.


Hi Mahesh.

I reached out to Cambium Support on this and it seems this is a known issue and is being worked on. Here is part of the response I got:

The performance statistic and external E2E controller not showing links on the link tab are few issues our team is working for a fix. The link tab issue is fixed on the 1.1 beta-1 cnWave version. You have to upgrade the E2E controller and the cnWave devices to the 1.1 beta-1 version. Also, please ensure that cnMaestro running with minimum 3.0.3-b33 beta version so that, it can support the feature in cnWve 1.1 beta-1 version.