cnMaestro 3.2.0 (AMI) Release


cnMaestro 3.2.0-r7 is now available as a Community AMI in AWS. Please see the Release Notes posted with the OVA Upgrade for an overview of changes.

Important: AMI Hosting
cnMaestro AMI was previously distributed through AWS Marketplace. With the release of 3.2.0, a subscription is now required for cnMaestro X features. This subscription cannot be purchased through AWS Marketplace, so the AMI must now be released through the AWS Community.

Important: System Backup
It is strongly recommended to backup your Data Disk prior to upgrading to 3.2.0.

Important: Cloud Anchor Accounts
All existing cnMaestro AMI instances need to attach to a Cloud Anchor Account after upgrading. Instances that do not attach to a Cloud Anchor will be downgraded to Essentials, with accumulated data stored for a limited period.

Note: Activation of 90-Day Free Trial
By default, a 90-day free trial for cnMaestro X is activated after connecting to an Anchor Account. Customers creating new 3.2.0 On-Premises instances can request a 90-day free trial at cnMaestro X - Cambium Networks.


The AMI IDs listed below are available in three regions, but they are easily copied to other regions using the AWS Web UI: EC2 > AMIs > [select AMI ID] > Actions > Copy AMI > [select Region].

AMI Name Region AMI ID
cnmaestro-noc-ctlr-3.2.0-r7 ap-northeast-1 ami-0aa71abb9c6ba91f0
cnmaestro-noc-ctlr-3.2.0-r7 eu-west-1 ami-05724203b250b5b7a
cnmaestro-noc-ctlr-3.2.0-r7 us-east-1 ami-00bfd607761fc46b0

Important: AMI Hosting
Please search for AMIs using the AMI ID and validate the ID before use.

Important Documentation

Document Details
cnMaestro AWS AMI User Guide How to access and deploy the AMI.
cnMaestro Documentation Documents located on Cambium Support Center
EULA End User License Agreement

Where to Get Help

Cambium Community: The cnMaestro Forum provides the best place to ask questions and get up-to-date information.

Cambium Support: The Cambium Support team is available 24x7 to answer questions and resolve issues.