cnMaestro Active-Active or Active-Standby

I didn't find anything for cnMaestro in Cluster environment


Does it support scenario like these

1.1x cnMaestro in vMotion

2. cnMaestro1 handle Site1, cnMaestro2 handle Site2.

But in case cnMaestro1 in Site1 down, cnMaestro2 can take over and handle client of cnMaestro1

cnMaestro1 and cnMaestro2 will sync their data

Both Active-Active

3. 2x cnMaestro in 1 Site, but only 1 Active, the other one is Standby.

Master cnMaestro sync its data to Standby one

In case Master down, we can promote Standby to become Master


Hi nbctcp -- the cnMaestro 2.2 release in March will support Active-Standby High Availability.


You said last March but now almost Mid April Sir.

When will you release v2.2?

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