cnMaestro and ePMP1000 Hotspot down

Hi, I have a ePMP1000 Hotspot that I have onboarded along with cnPilot R201.  Most of the time it shows my ePMP1000 to be down in cnMaestro even though I am logged into the hotspot and it is working.  When it has been up in cnMaestro and I click on the show configuration it goes down.  Am I doing something wrong?


What is the version running on your device?

Is there any user traffic or client connected to those device?

software version is 2.0 -r48

I can run traffice from my Android and it is connected while cnMaestro shows it to be down.

What is the download/upload traffic on an average for all the connected wireless clients?

right now it is only showing downlink .03 kbps on the R-201 and nothing for the uplink and it is showing the hotspot as down.  The hotspot throughput on the graph for last week was as high as 3.68 Kbps down and 1.73 Kbps up.

How is the backhaul connectivity with your devices (if the latency to is high then we know there is often a disconnect between device and cnMaestro)

In order to understand your issue in details we might need device logs send via private message.

Also there are new software release recently announced for ePMP 1000 Hotspot and cnPilit R200 and its available from cnMaestro.

You can try to update your device which has lots of  other important fixes.


Thank you.  I will look for the software upgrades on the Cambium support site. 

Are you able to Export Configuration directly from the device web GUI?

Have you pushed configuration templates to this device in the past?  If so, was the Overwrite Configuration option checked or unchecked?  By default it is unchecked.

You can see the latest release news from cnMaestro as well (screenshot attached)

You can download the techsupport file from either cnMaestro or Device GUI.

If the device is down in cnMaestro then please download by login to device GUI.

Please find the screenshot attached.

Hi Sebastian

How is the connectivity now with cnMaestro?

Do you still see device getting disconnected frequesntly?