CNMaestro and Ethernet

Is there a way to get Cnmaestro to monitor the ethernet ports on AP's and SM's?  I would like counters/graphs on Ethernet drops, errors and speeds.  This useful info on long cat-5 runs etc.



This is not yet supported in cnMaestro, we will open an issue to track these request. 

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Another nice thing to track on APs is the sync status.  Would like to have historical info on sync loss etc.

Averaged accross all registered SMs S/N info graphed on AP would be nice too.  Modulation rate averaged accross all SMs registered graphed like on SMs would be nice too.

When a tech investigates a custommer issue and they have good signal one of first things they look at is ethernet since we frequently get cat5 hit by weed eater and get water etc in cable and have ethernet errors.

We also have issues when APs cannot maintain 1000gbps due too an issue and need to trouble shoot it.

Was pretty disappointed when updating Cnmaestro to latest and still do not see this statistic there.

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