cnmaestro api access

Can guys please open up api access to Sonar.Software to integrate customer usage data onto our billing platforms? We want the data cnmaestro is collecting to forward out to Sonar.Software.

Are you just looking to get data usage statistics and traffic graphs in to Sonar?  If so, why not just setup netflow on one of your head-end routers and use Sonar's netflow collector?

I'm trying to do that right now. How can I get the ipv4 address of the instance?

Of the Sonar instance?  Like for opening up a firewall rule on your router?  If that's what you are after just do an nslookup for your instance ( for example).  The netflow endpoint will need to be allowed to talk to that same IP.

I pulled the address but it came up as ipv6 and the edgerouter is asking for an ipv4 address. 

nslookup should return both the v4 and v6 records typically.  If your machine is stubborn though, you could cheat and use a tool like traceroute, which on windows will only return v4 addresses.

Found the ipv4 address now. Idk why but it took me a couple of tries. I looked up a tutorial on 

do you know of a better tutorial to set this up?

Figured it out. Thanks Jacob Turner

Cool, glad you got it going!

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